Iodine Global Network Meeting

1 Create your poster
Your poster must be created in PowerPoint format following the guidelines below. Remember that your poster will be displayed on a 50” touch screen, it will not be printed in paper.

2 How to create your Multimedia Poster
In the following website you will find all the technical information on how to create your Multimedia Poster. By downloading the template, the creation of your Multimedia Poster will be quick and easy.

Remember that as a PowerPoint document you can use videos, animated images and transitions of photos or graphics on your Multimedia Poster to make it more attractive.

3 Enter your private Area and send your PowerPoint file
Access e-poster submission system website: and create a user name and a password.  You can then enter the e-poster submission portal. The deadline for submission is 15th August!

4 Need help?
If you need help in submitting your poster, please contact the support service at:

5 Participation
Please note that the e-poster only replaces the printed poster version.